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Reviewing the previous quarter’s financial statements will provide  you with data to construct pro forma financial statements for Starbucks  and make some basic projections. This week, you will be charged with  constructing two pro forma financial statements and addressing some  questions about your projections. The two financial statements will  include an Income Statement and Balance Sheet.
To begin your assignment, download the Financial Forecasting Template.
Part 1
Use Yahoo! Finance (Links to an external site.) or the EDGAR | Company Filings  (Links to an external site.)database  to download the last 10Q from Starbucks into excel. Use the downloaded  data to complete the Income Statement and Balance Sheet on the  appropriate tabs in the Financial Forecasting Template. Assume the  following:

  • Sales will increase for the next quarter by the same percentage  increase from the previous quarter to the last reported quarter. For  example, if sales increased 8% from the last quarter to the current  reported quarter, you will use 8% as the sales increase for your pro  formas.
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