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1. Summarize the following paper. Your summary should be 3 pages long and should cover the following parts:
a. The problem and its importance.
 b. General description of the proposed solution.
c. The experiments conducted.
 d. The results achieved.
e. Did you find this article interesting? Please justify your answer.
f. What is your critique on this paper?
2. Using the web, read then write about:
 a. The Turing Test: what is its purpose, and its importance. Then, give a detailed description of this test.
b. The ELIZA chatbot, then briefly explain how ELIZA is related to the Turing Test.
 c. The Chinese Room argument, then briefly explain how it is related to the Turing Test.
 Please be careful about plagiarism, and that you do not copy somebody else’s text. There are no constraints on the format of the paper, just make sure that each question can be uniquely identified. The maximum page limit is 3.


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