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Format for this mini-essay: MS Word document, No more than 500 words
Various contract issues were involved in the subprime mortgage crisis.  Breach of contract issues evolved from breach of contract in mortgage contracts to breach of contract in complex derivatives securities.  You should understand how various economic conditions and policies can affect your livelihood in the years to come.  Watch the PBS Frontline documentary-“Inside the Meltdown.”  Click on the link in the External Links or Lesson 07. Write an essay that answers the following question: What do you believe could have prevented the subprime mortgage meltdown?
This Extra Credit assignment counts for a maximum of two (2) points added to your total overall grade.
All essays will be submitted to by the professor.  Any essay receiving an originality rating greater than 25% will not be accepted and will be given a grade of 0.  No exceptions.  Refer to the TCC Student Handbook section on plagiarism if you have any questions regarding what constitutes plagiarism.


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