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  1. It is important to know what the standard rates are. Go to Read through the definitions and report the rates for each: Prime Rate, 1-Year Treasury, and 1 – Year LIBOR.


  1. Go to, click on Yahoo Finance, and enter Coke in the “symbol(s)” search box.
  • Step (a): Record the last closing price (for example, previous close – yesterday’s closing price)
  • Step (b): Record the change (current price minus previous close) for the day (up or down and how many dollars & cents)
  • Step (c): Divide your change for the day (from b above) by the last closing price (from step a above). The result is typically something like 0.1234 or 0.0123. Convert the decimal to a percent (such as 12.34% or 1.23%).


  • Step (a): Last closing price (previous close) of Coke = 66.26
  • Step (b): Change for the day (up or down) = -$.05
  • Step (c): Divide (b) by (a) = -$.05/$66.26 = 0.00075 = -.08% <– R.O.I. in percent.
  • Find the yield to maturity on the following bond.


  1. I can buy a $1,000 bond for $950. I get $50 a year and it matures in 20 years. Find the YTM (interest rate).  Remember this is a time value of money problem, so you need to use your financial calculator or Excel and include inputs.



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