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Business & Finance homework help. Dear Students,
After you review all course materials please write a Positive and a Negative Letter using the Scenario Handout.
Understanding the Three-Step Writing Process
The three-step writing process helps ensure that your messages are:

  • Effective (meeting your audience’s needs and getting your points across)
  • Efficient (making the best use of your time and your audience’s time)

The writing process can be divided into three phases, each with specific tasks:
Step 1. Planning business messages

  • Analyzing the situation
  • Gathering information
  • Selecting the right medium
  • Organizing the information

Step 2. Writing business messages

  • Adapting to your audience
    • Composing your message

Step 3. Completing business messages

  • Revising your message
  • Producing your message
  • Proofreading your message
    • Distributing your message

When writing business messages, try scheduling your time as follows:

  • Planning: About one-half of your time
  • Writing: About one-quarter of your time
    • Completing: About one-quarter of your time

Devoting half your time to planning might sound odd, but doing so can save time overall.
Start with the 50–25–25 split as a guideline and use your best judgment for your project.

Business & Finance homework help


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