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Jack Smith is a very successful Mayor in the City of Greenacre. He has been the Mayor of Greenacre for over 4 years, and is highly respected by the Greenacre community. Mayor Jack Smith and Jill Stevens dated for over 5 years. Three months ago Jack proposed to Jill, and the wedding is set for Summer 2020 (so long as they live in a state that has lifted the quarantine). A month before the wedding, Jack calls Jill and says, “I no longer want to marry you because I’ve found another woman.” Jill is devastated and tells Jack, “You just don’t know devastated I am. You broke my heart and I vow to get even with you.” The next day Jill takes out a full-page color ad in the Greenacre Times (local newspaper). The Greenacre Times has approximately 10,000 subscribers, many of which live in the community. Although Jill has no proof that Jack has been unfaithful during the time they were dating, the full-page ad reads, “Jack Smith is a rat that likes to sleep around. He’s a Mayor with no heart.”
IRAC using the rule for Defamation on page 115 of your textbook.  Remember that all the elements make up the Rule.  If you outline your rule you will not receive credit.  I shouldn’t have to say this because it’s already stated on the bottom of page 5 in the supplemental material.   Your “Rule” must have all four elements (4 sentences, each separated by a period and not numbered).
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