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Your Initial posting is a Rough Draft of IP4; you need include the name of the publicly traded company you’re researching; financial information can be found on their website or other financial sites such as Yahoo Finance.
Look at the requirements for IP4; you’ll need to provide descriptions of several different financial ratios; these need to be written in your own words and show you understand what these ratios are.
Choose a public company, and present findings from your financial analysis in a report. Your report must include the following:

  • Give a description of the operating profit margin.
  • Give a description of the asset turnover.
  • Give a description of the equity multiplier.
  • Give a description of the return on equity.
  • Give a description of the return on assets.
  • Calculate the operating profit margin. Explain your answer.
  • Calculate the asset turnover. Explain your answer.
  • Calculate the equity multiplier. Explain your answer.
  • Calculate the return on assets. Explain your answer.
  • Calculate the return on equity. Explain your answer.
  • What does the DuPont analysis describe about the company chosen?
  • Which ratio demonstrates the company’s weakest area? Explain your answer.

I do expect at a minimum descriptions  of each ratio  and a discussion on what Dupont Analysis is and what it says about your firm as well – please review the grading rubric provided for you in chat.
Since this is a rough draft, I don’t expect a fully formed project at this point; so focus on those descriptions and explanations – for your project I will be also grading you on your ratios and your calculations.
Please also remember that References are required; where did you get your information!
For your secondary posting –provide a critique of your classmate’s posting; feedback needs to be helpful and identify what was well done and what might need some work; this is worth 35 points


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