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Comprehensive Written Assessment: Individual Reflection Paper
Max Grade: 100 points
• 85% content in response to instructions below
• 15% grammar/spelling/sentence structure/word count/timeliness
Due date is on or before 5/7/2020 by 9:AM (EST)
What: Paper that reflects on how BTE 210’s Topics/Terminology have help you
Length: +1,400 words
Style: Times New Roman, 12 pt
Title: Your Name – Reflection Paper and BTE 210 section ____ (C,E,F, or G)
File Type: word document (.doc,.docx) or pdf ONLY
In your paper, cover the following topics. Dig deep and be honest.
• Identify three technology topics, learned in class, that you consider to be most valuable to you
personally. Why? (20)
• Relate how the content of the class will assist you in achieving future academic and work
related goals. (20)
• Describe one information technology you would have like knowing more about it. Why? (10)
• Discuss Technology (IT) and Learning, in general and which technologies that would have
made your online class experience better. (15)
• Describe tech players that would potentially be winners or those that would be losers, after
these times pass. (15)
• Describe one action you, as an individual, could have taken this semester that would have
improved your experience in the class. (5)
Name your file with your Lastname-ReflectionPaper.doc. Ex: Perez-reflectionpaper.docx. Then
load it into the Reflection Paper Assignment in Blackboard. SafeAssign will check originality of your


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