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ou should be drafting sections of your Issue Background Project as we go, adding what you are learning as each class session highlights relevant components of the issue. For this assignment, you will share a working draft of the paper for feedback. By this point, you should have a good bit of information on the issue and how it relates to the public, nonprofit and private sectors, and communities.
You will submit your final draft in the next two weeks, but this is an opportunity to get feedback that will help you refine the overall product and help identify areas in your writing that need improvement – and of course, identify things you do well.
Elements or sections that should appear in this paper include:

  1. Introduction – you can use some (with refinement) of the content from your identification assignment.
  2. Description of the issue – What is it? What is the history of the issue? Where and when did it start? What are the impacts? Who is impacted?
  3. Implications for the public sector – How does the public sector impact this issue? How is it impacted by the issue?
  4. Implications for the nonprofit sector – How does the nonprofit sector impact this issue? How is it impacted by the issue?
  5. Implications for the private sector – How does the private sector impact this issue? How is it impacted by the issue?
  6. Implications for communities – How do communities impact this issue? How are they impacted? What would they have to say about it?
  7. Any other information you find relevant.

All claims should be backed by reputable sources and all sources should be cited properly in APA citation style. Your paper will be uploaded to Blackboard in (.doc or .docx) format.

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