Chemical Engineering homework help

A propane / propylene mixture consists of 95% propane that has a flow rate of 1.31083 kg/s is initially at 54.44 °C. By inserting it in the shell side of a cross-flow shell and tube heat exchanger with one fluid unmixed. The heat exchanger has two shell passes. There are 3020 tubes each one has a diameter of 1.905 cm and 5.6388 m long, contains quenched water at a flow rate of 3.402 kg/s with an inlet temperature of 85 °C. The overall heat transfer coefficient “U” is equal to 8.5637 w/m^2 * c
Consider Cpc = 3.2387 J/kg*C , and Cph = 4.2 J/kg*C. (Assume the mixture has properties of propane). Calculate:
1- T out hot
2- T out cold
3- q
Use a solver with LMTD method (computer code in Matlab, or if you don’t know you can use Excel.). First, set your equations and assumptions and then use the solver.
extra information can be given upon request
“I have the code of the problem solved using NTU, but I need LMTD”


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