compare and contrast native american and european cultures

What are the differences between Native American and European culture? – The Native Americans were spiritually connected to the land and practiced culturally distinct methods to stay one with the land. The Europeans, on the other hand, saw the land as an unending right.

What do you see as the most significant cultural differences between Native Americans and European Americans? – Native Americans respected land and saw it as something to be used communally by all the members of a tribe. European Americans saw land as something to be owned and divided up for individual use.

What is the difference between European and Native American views on land? – To Europeans, land was something that could be bought, sold, and owned by an individual. Native people did not see land this way. Because of this, Native groups would exchange land, but in their minds had only given permission to use the lands.

Are Native Americans and Europeans the same? – Native Americans and Northern Europeans more closely related than previously thought. Summary: Using genetic analyses, scientists have discovered that Northern European populations descend from a mixture of two very different ancestral populations, and one of these populations is related to Native Americans.

What might have been some of the differences in the Europeans and Native Americans views of colonization? – Europeans probably positive – they gained land and property and the opportunity to start a new life with more than they had in Europe. Native Americans probably negative – it deprived them of their property, freedom, and even, in some cases, health and life.

How can the relationship between the European settlers and Native Americans best be described? – Which statement best describes the relationships between Native Americans and European settlers? Native Americans and Europeans at times traded peacefully with European colonists but also frequently used diplomacy and force to resist encroachment on their territory, political sovereignty, and way of life.

When compared to European societies How did Indian gender relations differ? – When compared to European societies, how did Indian gender relations differ? Most, but not all, Indian societies were matrilineal. African society did not practice slavery before Europeans came. mingled ideas of freedom with servitude to Jesus Christ—concepts that were seen as mutually reinforcing.

What did Native American tribes have in common? – Each had its own language, religion and customs. For the most part the Native American tribes lived peaceably believing that nature was sacred and was to be shared.

What two factors might account for the differences in these Europeans views about the Native Americans? – Therefore, economic gain and religion were the two factors that most affected the dynamics of European and indigenous American relationships.


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