Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help.

Contents should cover below with abstract, conclusion following APA standards with minimum of 15 pages (excluding references, table of contents and pages with big diagrams). Should have 5 scholarly references at minimum. Shout meet turnitin plagarism checks.
– What is Critical Infrastructure mean and why financial services is a critical infrastrucre
– What dependencies does financial services has with other critical infrastructure and how they are handled in financial services
– Cyber security processes, regulations followed by financial services and what are common organizations that does assesments?
– What are processes followed by financial services to be secured
– How does below elements impact Financial services from cyber security perspective
– What are common cyber threats faced by financial services and how financial services combat them? What are common vulnerabilities of financial services?
– What are future cyber threats to financial services, how does financial services should be prepared for the combat?
– Does financial services face a cyberwar in future?

Computer Science homework help


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