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Website: / 16
Written Report and Presentation: / 20
• The following rubrics provide criteria for which marks are to be assigned. As you review each part of the assignment, assign a value for each criterion.
• Provide anecdotal comments as required.
• Each participant should receive a copy of the marking rubric.
• For your business created in MK151, you will create a website using one of the suggested free website building tools (WIX, Weebly, or Yola)
• Once created, email the address of your website to your instructor
• Ensure your website has been published, and is available for viewing by the instructor
• Your website will need to include the following:
1) A visible tagline and content that reflects overall purpose of website and your target audience.
2) A home page, an about page, a product/services page, a contact page, which are ordered/accessible based upon your design and navigation decisions.
3) A unique domain name (available, you would consider purchasing), minimum of two (2) images, (2) social media integrations, unique keywords for SEO, taking into consideration any legal or copyright restrictions.
4) Clear and easy-to-use navigation.
5) Visual consistency across all pages.
Written Report and Presentation:
• Create a document containing the information below, and submit this document into the Website Design Project portal in G2.
• Your report must include:
1) Your overall management of this project outlining – Project Goal, Resources, Time, and Scope.
2) The reason for the website building tool you chose and a description of the website’s overall purpose.
3) A brief summary about how you have integrated the information from this course, including SEO, your creative effort, your plan regarding security and analytics, a minimum of two business listings you would use, social media integration, keywords and Google Analytics considerations, as it relates to your target audience.
• Design a 5-minute presentation for the class summarizing your report.
CRITERIA Website Pages Additional Elements Flow and Consistency Purpose
4 marks All required pages have been created on the website:
Home page and at least 4 underlying pages. All additional elements have been completed:
SEO, creative effort, security and analytics, integration and maintenance elements, content marketing and multimedia. Website is easy to navigate and demonstrates consistency across all pages. Website includes a clear tagline. Both content and tagline align with overall purpose.
3 marks Most required pages have been created on the website
(1 page is missing). Most additional elements have been used in the website.
(1 missing). Some parts of the website navigation are not clear or not working correctly. Website tagline is missing or not clear, but content relates to overall purpose.
2 marks Some required pages have been created on the website
(2 pages are missing). Some additional elements have been used in the website.
(2 missing). Some of the website pages are not designed consistently. Website content or design does not relate to overall purpose.
1 mark Few required pages have been created on the website
(3 or more pages are missing). Few additional elements have been used in the website.
(3 or more missing). Both the navigation of the website is not clear and pages are not consistently designed. Content and tagline do not reflect overall purpose of website.
CRITERIA Planning and Design Presentation Overall Management Building Tool, Website Purpose and Summary Responsiveness
4 marks Document submitted addresses all requirements of the assignment. Presentation met all criteria listed below.
Provides thorough description of the overall management:
Project Goal, Resources, Time, Scope.
Explanation of reasons for building tool choice, website purpose, and summary of integrated information is clear
Responds well to questions. Restates and summarizes where needed.
3 marks Document addresses most requirements of the assignment
(1 item is missing or unclear). Presentation met most criteria
(1 missing or unclear).
Addresses most of the management points
(1 missing or unclear).
Clearly addresses most of the requirements
(1 missing or unclear).
Generally responsive to questions.
2 marks Document addresses some requirements of the assignment
(2 items are missing or unclear). Presentation met some criteria
(2 missing or unclear).
Addresses some of the management points
(2 missing or unclear).
Clearly addresses some of the requirements
(2 missing or unclear).
Reluctantly interacts with audience. Responds poorly to questions.
1 mark Document addresses few requirements of the assignment
(3 or more items are missing or unclear). No criteria were met by presentation
(3 missing or unclear).
Few points addressed
(3 or more missing or unclear).
Few requirements addressed or are unclear
(3 or more missing or unclear).
Avoids audience interaction. Not responsive to group.
Presentation Criteria:
1. Presentation is clear and organized in a logical way.
2. Style chosen is professional. Information is easy to hear and view on the screen.
3. Pace was appropriate for audience and allowed information to be presented in time allotted.


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