Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. CA Week 6 Workshop                       ID:_____________      Name:_____________________

1.    Install Server 2003 in Oracle Virtual Box (see guide on Moodle)


Server 2003 running


  1. Show your running Server 2003 install to your lecturer


  1. Are you going to do Updates? Auto updates? (why)


  1. How many users on Server 2003 currently? What roles?


  1. What’s on C: drive? D: drive? What’s on the Network?


  1. Find ‘autoexec.bat’, what does it do, what’s in it?


  1. How could you share files with Windows 10?


  1. Can you connect to internet? (try the browser)


  1. Try ​net users ​on both OSs, are they the same/different? Why?


  1. Using your installation of Server 2003, find the DOS command, run it, then run:

ipconfig /all

What is your host name?
What is your physical address?
What is your IP Address? (and what is IP Address?)

  1. Run: ​netstat -a What does it show?


  1. Run: ​ping What is it doing?

What is Who is

  1. Why is Server 2003 32 bit (not 16 or 64)?


  1. When did Server 2003 begin/end?


  1. ​Is there a task manager on Server 2003?
    1. How many process running?
    2. How many users?


  1. Is it a real server? What will happen if you log off? Shutdown? (try)


  1. Open Control Panel and compare to Windows 10 (what’s the same/different)?


Computer Science homework help


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