Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Name(s): _________________________________________________________
It’s easy for a hacker to know what a network looks like once they get onto a network.  Almost all computers have simple tools that can be used to fill in some of the blanks hackers would need in order to perform different attacks.
Using ping, ipconfig/ifconfig, traceroute and nslookup, answer the following questions.  Your computer should be connected to the Internet either via a wired or a wireless connection.  To receive full credit, you must paste a screenshot of the tool you used to answer each question.

  • What IP address did you receive? _____________________
  • What is the subnet mask? ____________________
  • What is the default gateway? _____________________
  • What DNS servers are you resolving to?  _____________________________
  • Are you able to ping ________________________
  • What DNS server is currently resolving  ____________________
  • What is the IP address of the DHCP server you received your IP address from? _____________
  • What is the MAC address of the network interface card you are using to connect to the Internet?  ________________________________
  • What is the next hop router IP address that is used after your default gateway to get to __________________________
  • What is the fully qualified domain name (the name) of the IP address  ______________________.

End of Procedure

Computer Science homework help


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