Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. Project CIST1001
Your project counts 20% of your grade and it is very important that you turn one in. I have seen
very good students go from an A to a C because they did not turn in a project.
You must submit the topic of your project by February 16. This project counts as part of your
grade so don’t forget to do it. This counts as 5% of your final project grade. A submission box is
in the folder titled “Project Topic.”
I will accept the project between March 30 and April 13. Your project grade will count as 95%
of your final project grade. A submission box is in the folder titled “Project”.
You can also look at the rubric to see exactly what I will be looking for. I would advise printing
these instructions and checking off each step as you do it. The missing points can add up quite
For the project:
1. Choose a topic. This is only the name of the project. You do not need to turn in any other
part of the project at this time. The topic can be anything related to technology. Look for
something current and cutting edge and do the following.
2. Turn in the project topic by February 16.
3. Write a Word document on your chosen topic. Submit it by April 13.
 7.5%
 The document must include at least three double spaced pages, not counting
the title page or reference page. I will not accept it if it is not written in
 2.5 %
 You must use either Times New Roman 12 pt font or Calibri 11 pt font.
 5%
 You must have a title page
 5%
 You must have a reference page.
 10%
 You must use at least 2 references. One of them may be your text but I will
not accept Wiki references. Please make sure that I can access the references.
References to cites that I have to log into will not be counted.
 10%
 Cite all references correctly. Please use APA structure. Cite all references in
the paragraph and there must be a corresponding reference page at the end of
the report. Remember, you must cite everything other than your opinion. If it
is a fact, you should cite it, even if it is something that you already know. This
means that you may need to cite every paragraph if necessary. When in doubt,
cite. If any plagiarism is involved, you will receive a zero for the entire
project. There are links in the folder following this one that will be very
helpful if you use them.
 10%
o All spelling and grammar must be correct in the document. Most students
lose points because they do not check spelling and grammar.
4. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation to go along with the report. I will not accept a
presentation that is not in PowerPoint. The presentation should correspond to the
document. Remember that a presentation does not have to have all of the material that the
document does. It should be similar to an outline of the document. A slide should not
have more than seven lines, meaning that you just put the major points on each slide.
 10%
o The presentation must be at least 10 slides long, not counting the title slide
and reference slide.
 5%
o You must have a title slide.
 5%
o You must have a reference slide.
 10%
o You must cite all borrowed material on each slide and list the reference on
the reference slide. This includes graphics. You may need to cite every
 5%
o All spelling and grammar in the presentation must be correct.
 5%
o Use at least one graphic in the presentation.
 2.5%
o Put your name, course name, and date in the file name
 2.5%
o Put your name, course name, and date on the title page and title slide.
 2.5%
o Less than 20% of the project is to consist of quoted material. This includes
both the document and the presentation. Be sure to use your own words.
 2.5%
o Turn your project in by April 13.

Computer Science homework help


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