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One of our new clients, Wepau, is a small but growing company in the Midwest that handles all payroll, payroll taxes, filings, and other government documents for small businesses that do not have an internal payroll department.  As they have grown from a hand full of clients to now over 100, they are looking for a better way to provide fast, effective, and efficient service.  They want clients to have direct access to their paystubs, pay history, and other information. They also want their clients to have easier employee on-boarding, and not to be required to phone in payroll information with a payroll specialist.  They want to hire a consult to help them decide whether to go with Cloud and if so what kind. Your job will be to evaluate all the different public, hybrid, and private cloud vendors in the marketplace and come up with a proposal that will recommend a solution for Wepau.
Task 1
Analyze public, hybrid, and private cloud.  Then submit a proposal to the company’s management team on the pros and cons of cloud computing and how they can or cannot use cloud computing in their business.
Submit a proposal to the company’s management team on the pros and cons of cloud computing and how they can or cannot use cloud computing in their business.  This should include:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • The Problem
  • Different Solutions
  • Conclusion

The proposal includes all required elements along with resources cited in APA format.  The recommendation in the proposal is expressed in a logical manner with support for why cloud computing has or has not been recommended.
Task 2
Analyze the recommendation you made to the company (Task 1). Use Agile/Scrum to develop a requirements document that consists at a minimum user stories and stakeholders.
Analyze the business problem and then submit a requirements document that contains the following:

  • Title Page
  • Introduction
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Business Analysis Plan
  • Current State Analysis
  • Project Scope
  • Functional Requirements Spec
    • User Stories for the product backlog
  • Conclusion

Review user stories from and
Perform a requirements analysis on what you are proposing for Wepayu. Submit a completed analysis of the business problem for Wepayu along with an accurate, clear requirements document. Include resources cited in APA format.


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