Computer Science homework help

2. Consider the following Python code:
def next_int1(): cnt = 0

        cnt += 1
         return cnt

global_count = 0
def next_int2(): global_count += 1 return global_count

    def main():
         for i = range(0, 5):

print(next_int1(), next_int2()) main()

  1. (a)  What does the program print?
  2. (b)  Whichofthefunctionsnext_int1andnext_int2isthebestfunctionfortheintendedpurpose? Why?
  3. (c)  What is a better name for the function named next_int1?
  4. (d)  The next_int2 function works in this context, but why is it not a good implementation of

function that always returns the next largest integer?

  1. When is the global statement required?


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