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Computer Science homework help. Subnetting a /24 network using Traditional Subnetting
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Subnet a /24 network into 4 subnets that have an equal number of host IPs.
Complete IP addressing the table.
Answer the questions at the end of the worksheet.
Review the network diagram, then complete the table and answer the questions below.
LAN A Sales Network
LAN B First Floor Network
LAN C Finance Network
LAN D IT Network
Given /24, use traditional subnetting to assign a range of IPs for each network in the diagram.
1. Enter the number of network segments in the diagram: ##
2. Enter the TOTAL number of IP addresses per subnet: ##
3. Enter the number of HOST IP addresses per subnet: ##
4. Complete the IP addressing table. The Network IP of LAN A has been completed for you.

Subnet Network IP Address First Usable Host Last Usable Host Broadcast Subnet Mask
LAN A .## .## .## Enter SNM
LAN B Enter Network IP .## .## .## Enter SNM
LAN C Enter Network IP .## .## .## Enter SNM
LAN D Enter Network IP .## .## .## Enter SNM

5. Is a valid host IP address for LAN B? Choose an item.
6. Is a valid host IP address for LAN A? Choose an item.
7. Is a valid host IP address for LAN D? Choose an item.
8. Is a valid host IP address for LAN C? Choose an item.
Network Essentials – Subnetting a /24 Network using Traditional Subnetting – Page 1 of 1
Subnetting Level 13 Worksheet – Network Essentials – Page 2
Hennepin Technical College – JBernard

Computer Science homework help


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