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In this assignment, you will answer the following review questions from the reading materials of the module/week.
1. Question #1 in Section 2.9 in Chapter 2.
“What are the key components of a typical P2P application? Describe their functions.”
2. Question #4 in Section 3.9 in Chapter 3.
“What are the essential features of a typical hybrid network architecture design?”
3. Question #2 in Section 7.11 in Chapter 7.
“What is Sybil attack? Why is it a serious problem?”
4. Question #4 in Section 7.11 in Chapter 7.
“Why is it possible to launch a DDoS attack using a P2P network?”
You are expected to provide a detailed answer that shows a clear understanding to each question’s subject matter. Biblical worldview should be integrated in an appropriate manner and supported by Scripture. In addition to the module’s “Reading & Study” materials, a minimum of 3 references is required for this assignment and be sure to include complete reference information. Your submission must contain at least 1,000 words and should follow the current APA formatting style. Please refer to the current edition of the APA publication manual for guideline details.
Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.
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