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  1. The presentation was a success, and the CIO of the organization you chose, while pleased, has another task for you. Because of the overwhelming support he gained from your presentation, he is assigned with staffing a team to provide the IDS solution. Therefore, you will provide him with the following information to consider in his planning:
    Part A
    Create 1- to 2-page summary, and do the following:

    • Identify the number of additional employees necessary to rollout and support an IDS desktop solution.
    • Explain how individuals will work with the existing desktop support and malware teams.
    • Identify the job title for those who normally perform rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution.
    • Outline the daily duties for the additional employees hired for rollout and support functions for the IDS desktop solution.
    • Part B
      Create an infographic displaying an organization chart, and do the following:
    • Identify job titles provided in your summary and how they fit in with the existing cybersecurity team.
    • Indicate the industry certifications the new IDS rollout-and-support-function employees should have or can work toward.
    • Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
      Submit your assignment.


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