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The Final Project for this course is the creation of an employee database. This assignment will give you some insight into how Visual Basic programming can be useful in the real world.
As you work on this application, try to make it presentable like an application you would want to use if you were using an employee database application.  Feel free to incorporate pictures to make it appeal to the user….be creative.  Keep in mind the things you learned such as tab order and exception handling for user experience on the front end.  Also, think about the coding you are doing and make sure you comment your code and follow Visual Basic standard conventions. What if a new developer were to make changes to the application?  Will they understand your intentions and what the code is doing?
Complete the following Programming Challenges:
Programming Challenge #1 – Creating Employee Data found on page 625 of the textbook.
Programming Challenge #2 – Reading Employee Data found on page 625-626 of the textbook.
Programming Challenge #12 – Employee Data, Enhanced found on page 629 of the textbook.
Specifically, be sure to meet the following criteria:

  1. Employee records must be saved to a text file.
  2. Employee records can be retrieved from the text file, display one record at a time.
  3. Employee records can be retrieved from the text file, all records at once.
  4. New employee records can be added to the text file without erasing the existing records.
  5. Users can search employee records by employee ID.
  6. Save/OpenFileDialog must be used at least once.
  7. Users can print all employee records appropriately formatted.

Most students find this easier if all three programming challenges are put into one application.  If you choose to do these as three separate applications, put each one in its own zipped file.


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