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You have a new CEO. They are non-technical and came to your organization from a completely different market segment. Your organization narrowly escaped being breached due to the diligence of your Blue Team, but they said it was touch and go – the breach almost went through – and improvements need to be made in the area of network firewalls, specifically. Those improvements require funding. Given the current pandemic situation money is more scarce than usual and you need to put forth a convincing case for the network firewalls.
Compose a letter to your CEO describing the different types of network firewalls and where each should be used/deployed within a hypothetical/fictional corporate network (feel free to be inventive and creative – please). Your goal is to get the funding for network firewalls. Use any persuasive techniques you have at your disposal. If you need to draw pictures, draw pictures.
***Give your CEO a name. CEOs can be any gender***


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