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An HU Investment Firm employee who had signed a non-disclosure agreement at the time of hire was identified as posting corporate protected information on the internet which has led to a loss of corporate income and trust of the companies that the corporation represents and does business with. The corporation has taken the incident to a Law firm in an attempt to lead to prosecution against the employee who has since been fired.
Write a Summary Report to the Prosecutor based on the case scenario and your work in previous units.
1. Applicable laws and policies that relate to cyber defense
2. Describe the major components of each pertaining to the storage and transmission of data.
3. Describe the responsibilities related to the handling of data as it pertains to legal, ethical and/or agency auditing issues.
4. Describe how the type of legal dispute (civil, criminal, private) affects the evidence used to resolve it.
5. Support your report with documents that you have created previously, such as the Risk Assessment Report and the Mitigation Plan. (Attached)
Remember to use a professional writing style and support your statements with logical evidence.
Include APA citations within your paper as well as an APA formatted references list.


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