Computer Science homework help

Computer Science homework help. User Interface Design Document
Approach to User Interface Design Document
In your final project you will design a user interface from scratch using all that you have learned in the class.  Think carefully and leverage all aspects of the course.
You are going to design a multi-platform application that has a desktop, web and mobile interface for a property rental company, called UMUC Property Rentals.  Property owners pay UMUC Property Rentals to find tenants for their appointments and houses.  Each property has:

  • Address
  • Square footage
  • # of bedrooms
  • # of full baths
  • # of half baths
  • Photos (1 or more)
  • Features (1 or more and the application needs to be able to add/update/delete the list of possible features for a property)
  • Rent per month

When property owners contact UMUC Property Rentals, all of the information about a property will be entered by our office staff.  This should be a Desktop application.  People looking for a place to rent should be able to search for using the Web and Mobile applications.
Make sure that you review the sample User Interface Design Documents.  You can use one of those as a template.
Using Pencil, a Rapid Prototyping Tool
For developing the design, you will be using Pencil tool. There are many tools used to create user interfaces.  Pencil was selected because it is free, downloadable and multiplatform (running on Windows, MAC and Linxu).  You can download Pencil at
The deliverable for this assignment consists of two parts:

  • Your redesign of the interface as a Word document.  Include screen shots.


Computer Science homework help


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