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The purpose of this assignment is to get some experience using HTML web editors. There are many commercial and free options to choose from. If you have access to programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web feel free to utilize them. There are several free open source web editors such as Kompozer, Amaya, and Bluefish.
Here is a page link from Wikipedia showing a comparison of Web HTML Editors. This might be a good place to start when making your choice of software. Copy the URL below to your browser.
Your assignment is to download (if necesary) and experiment with two different Web HTML Editors. Search YouTube for any available tutorials on how to use the software. For each editor, create a page with a table, image, lists, and cascading style sheet. Include the name of the editor in the comments in the HTML file. Feel free to also include any other features you find interesting. Create a short write up containing information about your reaction to using each program. Did you like it? What features did you like? What features did you not like or felt could have been better? If you prefer, you can include this information inside the pages (display it when the file is opened with a browser) that you create using the programs. Do this process for two different HTML Web Editor programs. Do not submit the exact same code for each editor. The HTML file for each editor must be different. Submit the pages you created along with the write ups (If separate documents) to the correct submission box.


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