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The article is linked to and found in the DOC Sharing forum under the Content tab, then use it to answer the questions that follow. Post your comments and opinions on possible pros and cons, as well as benefits and limitations. If you have previously utilized this technique, please share your stories and experiences.
Bornstein, R. F. (2019). Synergistic dependencies in partner and elder abuse. The American Psychologist74(6), 713–724.
Relational dynamics, especially in the elderly population can influence many personal factors such as memory, thinking and communications. Being aware of these dynamics during an interview can greatly assist or hinder the investigative process. Based upon the research article how would you identify and evaluate the relational dependency. What interview technique would you employ to counter any negative dynamics that may hinder the communication process? Do you believe a structured interview or questionnaire would produce positive results? If so why?
Your initial postings must be no less than 200 words and are due no later than Tuesday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.
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