Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help. CCJ 240 Punishment and Corrections
Short Essay Assignment 2: Sentencing and Sanctions
Please provide a one- to two-page written response to the question listed below.
Your response should address all parts of the question and integrate the
assigned readings and lecture material as appropriate. Your response should
adhere to APA format, with 1” margins all around, Times New Roman, 12-pt font,
with a left general alignment and double lined spacing. You must appropriately
cite all references used in your response. You do not need to seek out other
sources of information for this assignment as you have been provided with more
than enough information in class and through the assigned readings to address
this question. If you do refer to material not assigned in the class, you must also
list them in a supplemental reference page. To receive full credit, you must use
proper grammar and correct spelling, write in complete sentences, use
appropriate punctuation, and avoid using abbreviations. I strongly encourage you
to proof read your essay before turning it in.
In recent decades, sentencing practices have begun to move away from
historically harsh, retributive approaches to crime such as mandatory minimum
sentencing for drug and first-time offenders. Many states, including Oregon, have
been clear about their intent to rely much less heavily on the use of prison beds
in favor of community-based sentencing. Discuss in some detail the reasons
behind such changes in sentencing. What goals are associated with this national
trend? What evidence do we have that these efforts are effective?

Criminal homework help


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