Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

The goal of the research paper is to get you to look in detail at a certain “Juvenile Delinquency Program” in the United States and develop a concise paper on that topic. The paper should include a description of the program, a time line of the program’s development, demographic features, and tell which theories it falls under that we discussed in class. You should also include any of your recommendations if you were asked as a juvenile delinquency criminologist.
1. No less than seven pages and no more than ten type written pages.                                                                                                                                                                     2. 12 font and Times New Roman will be used.                                                                                 3. No more than one inch margins                                                                                                          4. Double spaced between lines and paragraphs                                                                            5. pages should be numbered                                                                                                                  6. Cover and citation page should be included.
7. Cite (two or more) references- reference should not all be internet sources ( use internet, books, articles, etc)
8. APA format
9. Active writing: 75% active, 25% passive

Criminal homework help


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