Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Part 1. Neighborhood Profile
Provide a detailed narrative description and analysis of the environment of your home. This should include your street, block and general neighborhood – the section of the city in which you live. The following characteristics should be addressed:

  1. Type of community – urban, suburban, rural
  2. Land Use, zoning – residential, commercial, industrial, mixed
  3. Demographics – population density, socio-economic, racial and ethnic composition.
  4. Physical Characteristics: conditions of surrounding buildings, wooded areas, parks, playgrounds
  5. Traffic Patterns, Streets – congestion level (busy or quiet), one-way, dead-end
  6. Street Lighting
  7. Police Protection – visibility of police presence, private security
  8. Neighborhood Institutions and Organizations – schools, churches, social organizations and other examples of Social Capital, social cohesiveness and level of interaction among residents (See Below)
  9. Crime Generators – (See Below)
  10. Photographs – providing  a general view of the street and neighborhood and indicating major problem areas.
  11. Known Crime Generators – “hot spots” where crime is known to occur frequently: taverns/bars, parks, drug dealing points ( open-air markets)
  12. Service Generators – public or private facilities or locations that attract potential victims as well as potential offenders, often coming from out of the neighborhood: hospitals, high schools, parks, malls, 24-hour establishments
  13. Movement Generators – transportation facilities that attract potential victims/ offenders by allowing transience and easy access/exit from an area: major highways, subways, bus stops, light rail stations, parking lots, garages

Part 2. Your Home 
1. Physical Description: type – single family, two/multi-family, apartment house, number of levels/stories, age, construction – wood frame, brick, stucco, property size
2. Security Zones
3. Photographs – exterior/interior/ Zones
4. Residents: individuals living at home – relations, age, general health, pets, behavior – safety precautions or bad habits, interactions with neighbors, willingness/ ability/financial resources to make improvements.
Part 3 – Residential Security Survey – Comments/ Recommendations
Use this link:
The following Residential Security Survey is a tool to help you do a systematic examination and analysis of the crime prevention attributes of your home and your family’s behavior. This instrument is utilized by the Waco, Texas Police Department to guide its residents in conducting  security surveys of their own homes. As you go through the questionnaire, you will be asked questions that require an answer of Yes, No or N/A (Not Applicable). As you go along note specific strengths and weaknesses that may require a comment and include it with your response. At the conclusion of the survey, make a report of specific recommendations for changes/improvements that  you need to make in your home or behavior in order to reduce your chances of criminal victimization.
To assist you in conducting the survey, you can access the document through the following link and download/print it to have with you as you proceed. You do not need to submit a completed copy of the entire survey document with your final report. The document is for your own use to keep as a guide for  action.  A summary report with your comments and recommendations for each of the following survey categories will be required:

  • Neighborhood
  • Home exterior
  • Garage
  • Doors
  • Locks
  • Windows
  • Alarms
  • Interior
  • Child Safety
  • Vacation/Away from Home
  • Miscellaneous

Criminal homework help


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