Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Transnational Organized Crimes

The United Nations has identified eighteen different transnational crimes, and each of them in some way falls into the three-part typology of organized crime (provision of illicit services, illicit goods, or infiltration of business). The eighteen transnational crimes are: money laundering, terrorist activities, theft of art and cultural objects, theft of intellectual property, illicit arms trafficking, aircraft hijacking, sea piracy, insurance fraud, computer crime, environmental crime, trafficking in persons, trade in human body parts, illicit drug trafficking, fraudulent bankruptcy, infiltration of legal business, corruption, and bribery of public officials.

  • Choose any of the eighteen transnational crimes listed above and address the following points:(
  • (illicit arms trafficking)
    • What is the definition of the crime you chose?
    • What is known about its true extent?
    • Where is it occurring (places around the world)?
    • Who appear to be the offenders in cases involving this crime?
    • What are the legal measures that can be taken to reduce this crime?
    • Are there other, non-legal measures that can reduce its incidence?
  • What are the causes of this crime? Why does it exist as a “transnational crime” rather than a domestic one?

Criminal homework help


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