Criminal homework help

Criminal homework help.

Peacekeeping and Order Maintenance

Although police officers are often portrayed in society as having a “crime fighting” image, peacekeeping and order maintenance occupy a majority of their time. Calls for service that relate to arguments, noise complaints, or public nuisances are part of a patrol officer’s regular activities.
Domestic violence and the police response to such disputes have been controversial for at least twenty-five years. As a result, the public’s response to domestic violence has led to:

  • New laws and policies
  • Increased criminal penalties
  • Treatment programs for the ones involved (batterers and victims)
  • Police department policy changes

On the basis of your readings from your textbook and South University Online Library, respond to the following:

  • Discuss the challenges faced by police officers responding to domestic violence calls and their options for dealing with them.
  • Discuss whether a mandatory-arrest policy is a good or a bad idea and why?

Criminal homework help


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