Criminal homework help

Please provide a legible discussion of the following questions. Responses should be in your own words, and meet standard grammar, structural and organization principles.
1. Discuss the general steps in empirical research in criminal justice.
The answer should include the following items:

  • problem formulation/statement
  • research topic
  • research question
  • research design
  • annotative bibliography
  • review of the literature
  • data collection methods
  • analysis and presentation of findings
  • conclusions, interpretations, and limitations
  • future research needs

2. Discuss the issues of confidentiality and principles of protection involving subjects in criminal justice research.
3. Discuss the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) as a measure of crime in the United States, National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), and the National Crime Victimization Study (CVS). What are some of the shortcomings of each of these crime reporting techniques?
4. Discuss the principal advantages AND disadvantages of mail surveys?
5. Discuss the three major types of interviews AND discuss under what circumstances would it be most appropriate to use each?


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