Criminal homework help

Week 5:
This week’s Module had you work as a CSI Investigator to solve a number of cases.  Let’s take some time as a group to evaluate that experience.
Fingerprints and DNA are both types of individual evidence. That is, they are specific to only one person, except DNA, which is the same in identical twins.  Eye-Witness accounts are not able to be “proven” reliable in the same way as physical evidence but is used in over 20% of cases and oftentimes, is quite convincing in a courtroom.
*For your initial response, please answer the following question:
If you were an investigator working a homicide scene, which of the following would you choose to utilize in your investigation and in what order?
Please order them as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and explain why you chose the order you did.  Discuss some of the problems these techniques might have.
When responding to a Discussion question, please keep these things in mind:
Use your own words to answer the question.  Please do not cut and paste anything from an outside source.  Please do not cite anything!
-200 words are required for the main posting.  The main posting is worth 60 points.
When responding back to another student, please keep these things in mind:
-You are required to respond back to two different students and comment on their postings.  Your response to them should not merely restate what you wrote or what they wrote, and it needs to add something new and substantial to the conversation.
-Please try to choose students that you either disagree with (because it is usually easier to find something to write about for most students) or find a posting that you can easily write 100 words that are not just stating “I agree.”  “Good post.”  “I feel the same.”  Statements like this will not count as part of the 100-word requirement.
-5 complete sentences (or 100 words) are required for a response to another student.  The responses to students are worth 20 points each – for a total of 40 points.
PLEASE use the first name of the person you are responding to in your response so that I know that it is a response to someone.  When I go to grade, I only see the posting you wrote, not the entire Discussion thread.  ~Thank you! ~
*There is a deduction of 4 points for response postings that do not have the name of the student you are responding to within the posting!
*Questions do not count as part of the 100 words for a response to a student.
Please remember to use proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar when posting.  There should not be “texting” words when writing.  Use the spell check that is included in the response box.
Remember: your Initial Discussion posting is due on Thursday evening no later than 11:59 pm ETS.  There are late points of -20 for not posting on time for Thursday’s main posting.
You must also respond back to two different classmates no later than Sunday by 11:59 pm EST.
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