e Nursing homework help

e Nursing homework help. Instructions
1.1 Choose a topic of an ethical issue that is of interest to you.
1.2 This topic will also be relevant to nursing practice.
1.3 Journals and articles other than those in the nursing profession may be considered. A minimum of three professional references is required. You may use internet sites and articles, but they will not be counted as a professional citation.
1.4 This assignment is a formally written paper in APA format, 7th edition.
1.5 Instructions for Format of Paper
1.6.1 Use the headings of each section of the rubric to outline your paper
1.6.2. The paper will be 7 pages in length—and not exceeding 7 pages of text.   Two points                        will be deducted for each page over the maximum number.   Title page/references are                       NOT included in this count.

Ethics Final Paper–Evaluation Rubric Possible Score Your Score
Introduction:  Summary of what is known about the ethical issue
Well summarized (20)  Adequately summarized (15), Superficially summarized (10)  Poorly summarized (5)
Ethical Dimensions of the Issue Identified and Discussed (why is this an ethical issue)
Ethical Dimensions Clearly Identified (5), Superficially identified (2), Not identified (0)
Ethical Dimensions Clearly Discussed (5), Superficially discussed (2), Not discussed (0)
Relevance of the Ethical Issue to Health Professions/Nursing
Relevance of the Ethical Issue to Nursing well described (10), Adequately described (7), Poorly summarized (3)
Relevant Ethical Analysis (Principles, Ethical Theories, Laws, and Standards of Practice)
Complete Analysis of Principles, Ethical Theories, Laws, and SOP (30)
Adequate Analysis (15), Superficial Analysis (10), Poorly Analyzed (5)
Personal Professional Response to the Issue
Thorough discussion (10), Adequate Discussion (7), Superficial Discussion (5)
Conclusion: Reflection of What you Learned
Reflection clearly articulated (8), adequately articulated (6), superficially articulated (4), poorly articulated (2)
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar—pdf. version of paper WILL NOT be accepted and will result in a grade of zero points for the assignment without discussion
No errors (10), 1-2 errors (8), 3-4 errors (6), 5 or more errors (4), errors obscure meaning or the instructions for the assignment were disregarded (2)
Clarity and Organization – Rubric Headings utilized
Headings utilized, paper clear/concise/organized (10)
Headings not utilized, paper clear/concise/organized (7),
No Headings, paper unclear/ not concise/disorganized (5),
Lack of organization obscures meaning or you have not corrected feedback given in prior assignments (2)
Correct APA Style (6th or 7th)
No errors (5), 1-2 errors (4), 3-4 errors (3), 5-6 errors (2),6-7 errors (1), 8 or more errors (0)
Correct Length 7 pages of text, PLUS title page and references
Minimum of 3 professional nursing references, 5 years old or less
Total Points 12

NUR 4242 Ethics In Nursing
Final Paper Topic Ideas
You can choose from any of the topics

  1. Workplace Violence


  1. Vulnerable/Marginalized Populations (Prisoners, LGBTQ+, immigrants, etc.)


  1. Academic/Research Ethics


  1. Social Media


  1. Medical Futility


  1. Global Ethics—Disaster Ethics


  1. Informed Consent (Adult/Children/Religion)


  1. Racism


  1. Mental Health


  1. Lateral Violence


  1. Poverty/Homelessness

To consider:

  • Ethical principles involved
  • Case Study
  • Examples of how this is addressed in institutions
  • Nursing care strategies
  • Plans for implementing strategies to address the ethical dilemma

e Nursing homework help


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