Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Project:
For your macro project you need to pick a state. There will be a discussion board on D2L in the project module where you can list the state that you picked. Each state can only be used once, so please check before posting to make sure someone else hasn’t already posted the state you wanted to choose.
The state I picked is California!
Find the unemployment rates for this state from Jan 2007 to Jan 2018 (each month)
Put this information into an excel chart and then graph this information
Use this information to write a word document that includes how the unemployment rates:
Moved with the business cycles during these time frames…when there were recessions, recoveries, troughs and peaks. Were there any double dip recessions…why or why not. What other information can we relate from the unemployment rates to the business cycles? How were businesses effected? Etc.
Effect the Gross Domestic Product? What would we expect to happen to production? Etc.
Would affect inflation rates and the consumers. What would you expect for inflation rates? Did the inflation rates during this time frame line up with your expectations? If there was inflation, what type(s) do you think were experienced?
Would affect monetary policy actions. If you were a member of the Federal Reserve, what would you have done in terms of monetary policy given the unemployment rates that you found? You would tie in parts a, b, and c with this part.
Tie all the concepts together at the end of your paper to have a strong conclusion on what happened in your states economy during 2007-2018.
Have a works cited for the sources you used. Also make sure to have in text citations. Remember if the information is not common knowledge or direct statistics, you need to have in text citations.
Your report will likely be 5-7 pages (double spaced). This does not include a title page.
You need to utilize class vocabulary (for example: demand, supply, unemployment, inflation, deflation, discount rate, gross domestic product, frictional/structural/cyclical unemployment, etc.)
You also need to include some data specifics. We will discuss where you can find this information at the library session. You can also use online articles, etc. for data specifics.
You need to have at least 5 references/sites.
You may structure your report however you choose, but it needs to be organized and well written.
You must post your chosen state on the discussion board by the due date or there will be a 10-point deduction. If someone has already chosen the state and you still do your project on that state you will earn a 0
Papers must be submitted to the D2L page in a word or PDF file to be graded. Papers will be ran through a plagiarism detection software.
Citations are very important in this assignment. You should have a works cited page as well as using in text citations. We will learn more about this in class. Papers without proper works cited or in text citations will be returned to the student with the option to make revisions. Revisions should be resubmitted in D2L within 24 hours. Students will be sent an email to notify them that they need to add in a works cited/in text citations. Papers submitted within the 24 hour time frame will earn half credit. If the papers are not resubmitted(if they didn’t have proper citations), then a zero will be assigned to the paper. Please see information on plagiarism above.
Please make sure to address the topics above as thoroughly as possible to get full credit. This project will be worth 10% of the overall grade.

Economics homework help


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