Economics homework help

Economics homework help. Watch the documentary, use the viewing guide to help keep things straight.
Answer these two questions—reflecting on concerns raised in the video—in a GoogleDoc and upload that into this page.
1) Describe and explain the issue in the video that stands out to you as the most difficult to solve regarding the Federal Budget and Debt. Describe it, explain why that issue is so tough to fix—it can be an economic, political, or social issue, but you need to explain what strikes you as the most intractable problem here. Use detail from the video to illustrate.
2) Explain the biggest risk to continued American borrowing. (That is, what is the worst case scenario? Where could the US possibly find itself?)
The Video and the Guide:
This documentary is a good analysis of the Federal Budget as of about ten years ago (the video was done in 2009). While it is not up-to-date with our current situation, it does provide a lot of context and shows how longstanding the problem is with our national debt and budgets.
Below  is a  Viewing GuidePrint it out or otherwise use it to help you focus on the issues during the video. It will be a useful reference when you write your homework assignment for the video.
Ten Trillion and Counting Viewing Guide.pdfPreview the document
This is the link to the Video itself; you can watch it online (it’s about an hour long):

Economics homework help


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