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Students will prepare and submit an 8-10 page double-spaced paper on Harlem Arts Alliance how it is involved in developing and implementing arts and culture-based programs. This will require conducting research online. (Students are not required to visit the organization in person at this time. If they have visited it at some time in the past, they are welcome to reflect on past experiences.)


In the paper, students are required to:
1- describe the organization and provide some background information, such as, when it was established and what it was set up to achieve, in terms of its ‘public purpose’ –
2- identify and describe two successful programs that the organization produces for visitors and community participants
3- explain how the programs are successful, and how they fulfill the organization’s public purpose
4- explain also how the programs are successful, in terms of how they impact their communities
5- based on what we learned about how arts and culture-based programs can impact communities, offer 3 recommendations for ways in which the organization can improve its service to its community
Each of these five aspects is worth 5% of the grade. The other 5% will be awarded for good writing, grammar, organization, and references correctly cited according to the APA format.

Economics homework help


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