Economics homework help

Economics homework help.  
Length of paper: 2-3 pages, double-spaced, 1” margins
Scoring: 15 points
The Assignment: The Common Academic Program requires all undergraduates to complete a capstone course or experience. One mandate of the capstone is for you to demonstrate an advanced understanding of your chosen vocation. Your understanding will be transmitted through a brief reflection paper that describes each of the following, preferably in this order:

  • Your discovery of the unique gifts that you have (through your appreciation for the fullness of the intellectual, ethical, spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional and bodily dimensions of your life)
  • How psychology (and/or the common academic program, and/or other UD coursework) has influenced your vocation and your ability to contribute to the “common good”
  • How you can apply your gifts “in service to the common good” of your community (reflects your perception of the interdependence of yourself and your community and each person’s responsibility to engage in service to others)
  • How this process will allow you to experience personal satisfaction and bring meaning to your life

The Definition of Vocation: The University of Dayton’s definition of vocation goes beyond how vocation is commonly defined as a strong desire to spend your life doing a certain kind of work (Merriam-Webster) and is:
“Using appropriate scholarly and communal resources, all undergraduates will develop and demonstrate ability to articulate reflectively the purposes of their life and proposed work through the language of vocation. In collaboration with the university community, students’ developing vocational plans will exhibit appreciation of the fullness of human life, including its intellectual, ethical, spiritual, aesthetic, social, emotional, and bodily dimensions, and will examine both the interdependence of self and community and the responsibility to live in service of others.”
Examples of our Unique Gifts as Psychology ‘People:’ In our discussion at the beginning of the semester, we discussed examples of ways that we could engage with our community through some of our unique gifts. Our discussion included the following ways although this list is not exhaustive. I know you can also think of some that are unique to you:

  • As individuals and psychology “people” we are sympathetic and empathetic.
  • Our knowledge of psychology and its history can increase our awareness of others.

Examples of Acting for the Common Good: Also, from our discussion are these examples:

  • Being aware of others can help us in listening actively and helping others
  • Service work, programs, group, organizations
  • Career choices that create engagement with a community of people in need (e.g., addiction treatment, mental health therapy, after-school programs, special-needs programs)
  • Career choices that advance our knowledge of therapeutic interventions for people in need (e.g., research, community education, patient education)
  • And much more…

Examples of Personal Satisfaction and Meaning Added to our Lives:
This one is for you to determine. Briefly discuss what these might be for you.

Economics homework help


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