Economics homework help

The simplest rule is to look at a sample of papers in our course reading list outline as guide for the components of a good paper.

  1. Introduction: contains relevance of the paper, research objectives, hypothesis


  1. Literature review: a narrative, not an annotated bibliography of the relevant literature

There needs to a be clear relationship between your research objectives and literature cited
You need to identify what the literature has done, and existing gaps that you will address

  1. Data: If doing an empirical paper or extension of any labs or empirical paper:

What data and variables you will use to answer your objectives
How each variable attempts to proxy for what exactly you want to measure
You may use variables used in class but I will be providing extra variables
Clearly, if you use new variables, that adds value to your paper, inching you closer to A!

  1. Methods: discussion of what you did: empirical analysis, comparative qualitative analysis, critical review and assessment with details on criteria used for assessment, etc


  1. Results: summarize results in Table (If extending labs: see the papers we used in class as model) and how tabulated results are discussed


  1. Analysis: check empirical papers we discussed in class on how to discuss results and analysis


  1. Conclusions


  1. References

If the final paper has to be an extension and improved version of the labs, there needs to be substantial additional content and analysis. If there is hardly any difference in the content between any of our labs and your paper, you get a zero in the final paper.


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