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Research Project
Coronavirus, Economic Trade-off, and Stimulus Policy

  1. The economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented and substantial. It creates challenges in multiple dimensions. Everyone is facing questions like how to value trade-offs over tough choices, how to look into economic relations within and beyond traditional views, and how to formulate stimulus policies to help economic recovery.

This project asks you to investigate the three issues below (Question 4), apply the economic knowledges to them, and form your own opinions (comments) on them.

  1. Format Please use fontsize 11, double-spacing, no more than 5 pages, with title and references (work cited). Your can put all references on one page.


  1. Steps
    a) Listen to each of the three podcasts below from the Wall Street Journal. Click the title to be directed to each podcast.
  1. b) Write a summary for each podcast.
  2. c) Following the summary, analyze the case discussed and write your comments on it. Your comments can include your opinions and suggestions regarding the case.
  1. Three Podcasts from the Wall Street Journal
  1. China Is Getting Past Coronavirus. Its Economy Isn’t. After taking extreme measures to fight the coronavirus, China is beginning to open back up for business. WSJ’s Lingling Wei and Patrick Barta explain why the country still faces an uphill battle to get its economy moving again.

  1. The Economic Trade-Offs of Social Distancing. President Trump has raised the possibility of relaxing social distancing guidelines faster than public health experts advise, saying it would help the economy. WSJ’s Rebecca Ballhaus and Jon Hilsenrath explain the ongoing debate at the White House and how economists are evaluating the costs of combating the pandemic.

  1. The $2 Trillion Plan to Help the Economy. Congress is close to passing an unprecedented $2 trillion aid package to offset the economic damage from the coronavirus pandemic. WSJ’s Siobhan Hughes explains where all that money is going.


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