Economics homework help

Economics homework help.

  1. Discussion: Historical PR Figure/Event
Help teach the class about the person or event you selected for the Historical Person or Event in PR paper. Please write a short summary with an overview of your topic, interesting facts, how they contributed to the field of PR, and why you were interested in them.
Feel free to include graphics, video links, or images of the person, or event to help share the story more visually.
Please proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
2. Discussion: Examples of Ethical and Legal Issues
Please find an example of a company dealing with an ethical, or legal issue PR professionals might one day encounter and post a link to the story on our class discussion board.  Briefly summarize the issue in five-ten sentences. Explain the potential consequences of this legal, or ethical issue, what we can learn from it as aspiring PR professionals and what you would do if you were the PR professional in charge.
(Please read this article on PR crises that defined 2019 to help give you some ideas:

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Economics homework help


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