Economics homework help

Week 2 Assignment: Need to be done MS Word
Question 1:
Given: A statistics student is currently performing in accordance with the data below.
Weight Grade Earned
Midterm 10% 100
Discussion 30% 0
Assignment 20% 88
Project 20% 90
Quizzes 20% 70
a. What is the mean for the grade?
b. What is the weighed mean for the grade?
c. Why are the answers to a and b different?
d. What would you suggest to this student to raise his/her grade? Why?
Question 2
P(A) = 0.55, P(B) = 0.35, and P(A ∩ B) = 0.15
What does P(A) mean?
What does P(A ∩ B) mean?
Do A and B overlap? In other words, is it possible for A and B to happen at the same time?
What is the probability of Event A happening, given that event B already happened? (Show equation and work)
Question 3 – Each question has only one answer. There should be a lot of work to see – include problem set up and work starting at #5.
Three vitamin and four sugar tablets identical in appearance are in a box. Nothing else is in the box. One tablet is taken at random and given to Person A. Another tablet is then selected and given to Person B.
What is the probability that
Person A was given a sugar tablet or a vitamin tablet?
Person A was given a rock?
Person A was given a vitamin tablet?
Person A was given a sugar tablet GIVEN THAT Person B ALREADY was given a vitamin tablet. (capital letters are hints)
Person A was given a vitamin tablet and Person B was given a sugar tablet?
Neither was given a vitamin tablet?
Both were given vitamin tablets?
Exactly one person was given a vitamin tablet?


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