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This assignment requires you to reflect on and synthesize all that you have learned during this course. Your focus should be related to family support as a profession. You will review all of the course components including the course objectives, readings, discussions, and assignments and you will identify the three most important concepts or perspectives that you have learned during this course. You will provide a rationale for your selection of these 3 areas. Discuss these 3 areas in detail and indicate the nature of their relationship to each other. Furthermore, you will discuss how your new understanding will likely affect your professional practice. You should site any sources that you utilize and you will need to incorporate at least 8 peer-reviewed articles into your paper.
The paper that you write for this assignment will be 8 pages in length, not including the title page and the references section.  Also, your submission for the assignment should not significantly overlap with your assignment 1 or 2 submissions.


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