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To complete this assignment, it is extremely beneficial that you review certain dissertations located in the virtual Sherman Library under Major Applied Research Projects known as MARPs. This is the fourth section under the dissertations database by subject in the Sherman Library (i.e., MARPs, Practicums, and Applied Dissertations). Complete an advanced search under a topic of interest or one that aligns with your dissertation topic. Please review at least SIX dissertations and locate the Theoretical Frameworks listed in Chapter 2 to obtain an idea of how these are researched, structured, and written.
For this assignment, you are to find the relevance of understanding the theory behind your personal dissertation topic and write your theoretical framework.This is a short assignment of only 3 to 4 pages. Please note that 1½ – 2 pages will be your thoughts of what you learned from the selected dissertations, and then 1½ to 2 pages of your actual theoretical framework that you can add to your dissertation. You should have at least TWO theorists included in your paper.   My dissertation topic is “Transformational and Instructional Leadership in high poverty elementary schools”  I need the framework to center around my topic.
Your paper should be formatted for 6th edition APA with proper in-text citations and a reference page. Please limit direct quotes to one per theorist (i.e., no block quotes) as this is a short paper.
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