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Empathy removes the blocks to action in a way that is inclusive. It creates power through partnership and cocreation, resolving what appears to be knotted and bound. – Dominic Barter
For this week’s discussion, we will discuss how empathy or lack of it in our communication affects our daily lives and our identities (40 points).
1. Briefly write about an instance when you felt that you were not heard, seen, or respected, because of your age, gender/gender identity, academic interest (e.g. being called a nerd), professions, race, ethnicity, physical appearances (short/tall/skinny/chubby/natural hair, etc.), relationship status (single, mother, father, older sibling, youngest sibling, middle child, etc.), interests and hobbies (being called a geek, tech nerd, etc.). Why do you think you were not heard, seen, or respected.
2. Now, briefly write about another instance when you did not hear, see or respect another person because of who they are (same reasons as mentioned above. Why do you think you did not hear, see, or respect?
3. How will you engage in empathy in future? Why is it necessary in communication
Once you have posted your discussion, read at least two more classmates’ posts (you will have access to others discussion posts after you have posted your own) and comment on their discussion post. Please post constructive comments and not just, “I agree with you”, “I think you are correct” (10 points).


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