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Education homework help. Directions to Literary Analysis
Write a minimum 500 words, third person, critical analysis of a conflict, problem or theme explored in Harrison Bergeron. The Student must concentrate on reading the short story Literarily and must include at least two short quotes from the story to support the literary analysis of the story. YOUR ESSAY MUST BE AN ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY ABOUT THE STORY, NOT A SUMMARY.
Tips to make sure you are Analyzing and not just summarizing: To analyze is to scrutinize, to break scenes down and reveal a deeper understanding and its connection to the issue explored. Someone who is doing analysis assumes the reader has already read the story. AVOID JUST SUMMARIZING. Only describe scenes or examples that help you prove your thesis argument, as the reader is expecting a detailed argument on various aspects of your chosen theme from the story.
Grading point system:
(Intro 10pts):

  • Student has an introduction that 1) hooks the reader, 2) includes the author and title of the story, 3) provides a brief 2-3 sentence synopsis story (very short summary just to provide a bit or context), 3) includes an explicit thesis statement that argues something significant about a theme, conflict or problem in the short story.

(BODY Paragraphs 40pts): Your task is to analyze and make a case for your thesis statement. Ask yourself:

  • Does the body offer at least 2-3 WELL-DEVELOPED supporting paragraphs that convince the reader that your interpretation and analysis is a feasible one?
  • Do these supporting paragraphs have a clear topic sentence that make a claim which refer back to the thesis statement?
  • Are claims supported logically through explanations and specific examples from the story?
  • Does the student include a short quote from the story in all body paragraphs, and are they less than two sentences long?
  • Are the quotes and examples thoroughly explained and analyzed?
  • Does the student have good concluding sentences that nicely wrap up the ideas of a given paragraph?
  • Are the paragraphs and ideas well organized with connecting ideas and transitions?

(Conclusion 10pts):

  • Is there a conclusion that wraps up the paper nicely and reaffirms the student writer’s position?
  • Does the writer leave the reader thinking deeply about the importance of the paper’s argument?
  • Is the conclusion at least 4 sentences long?

(Organization 10pts):

  • Do you sustain and support a focused argument throughout the paper?
  • Are the paragraphs organized logically? Are there transitions between ideas and paragraphs? Are there appropriate paragraph breaks?

(Grammar and style 10pts):

  • Is the paper free of major grammatical errors?
  • Is the style appropriate to the Genre — a closed form, third person, academic analysis?
  • How well does it read? Can the reader understand each sentence the first time read?
  • Is there sentence variety and rhythm?

(MLA 10pts):

  • Is the paper in MLA style: double spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, with appropriate headings, last name and page numbers, and a creative title?

(Word Count and Analysis 10pts):  Is the essay at least 500-words in length? Does the paper do more analyzing than summarizing 80/20? INCOMPLETE ESSAY WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE AN “F”
The Turnitin system allows me to know if you’ve plagiarized (represented another’s work, ideas, expressions, or materials as your own). Papers with more than 20% similarity will automatically receive an “F”

Education homework help


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