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 I just need two of these down as soon as possible. Instructions down below.
Following are some hypothetical public speaking situations. Review the class lecture on audience analysis and adaptation, and write how you would conduct audience analysis, how you would speak to your audience, and how you would react to the conflicts that may arise. You WILL NOT write the actual speech, but HOW you will prepare for the speech, the general/specific purpose of the speech, who your audience is and what special characteristics they have, what factors play role in preparing the right speech/pitch, and how you will analyze what your audience will want to hear to be informed/persuaded/entertained. Choose any TWO (40 points).
Please use the following template:
General purpose of the speech: one sentence.
Specific purpose of the speech: one sentence.
Identified audience group(s): comma-separated.
Audience characteristics: 2-3 sentences maximum.
What would make a successful speech/pitch? 2-3 sentences maximum
Situation 1 | Book club presentation:
You are attending a book reading summer camp at the local library. There are sixteen freshman college students who are part of the book club and each week you all read a common book. Each week, two people present on the book they have read. How would you prepare for it? (you can think of a book and write your response, but the book here is not important).
Situation 2 | Presenting to children:
Your department has organized a visit to the local Montessori school (attended by children aged 2-6). You have an hour to spend there and you will be in a group with three others. What all things you will consider before making an activity plan.
Situation 3 | Sports team:
You are part of a sports team (you can think of a sport and write your response, but the actual type of sport here is not important). This is the preliminary round of an inter-county tournament, and your team has 50-50 chance of moving forward. You are a team member, not the captain, but you really want to say something to inspire your team.
Situation 4 | Sales pitch for your organization:
You are part of an organization and they have been given a table at the local farmers’ market, to sell some things for the organization’s fundraiser. You’re the coordinator for this activity. You want other members to bring things/make things to participate in the fundraiser.
Situation 5 | Childhood buddy’s Birthday Party
You are at a friend’s birthday party. It’s the 18th birthday and she/he is going to start college this year, and going away from your town. You want to share about your memories of growing up with him/her with the rest of the people in the party, many of whom you have never met.
Once you have posted your discussion, read at least two more classmates’ posts (you will have access to others discussion posts after you have posted your own) and comment on their discussion post. Please post constructive comments and not just, “I agree with you”, “I think you are correct” (10 points).


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