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We have looked at many issues in this course and want to think of ways to put it all together.  We are taking a bit of a risk here as we look at synthesizing this information through the lens of an unusual book, Extreme Ownership, that uses combat as an analogy for corporate operations.  We pray that this dramatically different view will be of help as we look at leveraging institutional dynamics for positive outcomes–perhaps with an understanding that we are always, in our ministry, in an area of spiritual warfare!
By the end of this lesson module, you should be ready to identify, understand, engage, and apply the following concepts:

  • Building blocks for winning the war within
    • Extreme ownership
    • No bad teams, only bad leaders
    • Believe
    • Check the ego
  • The laws of combat: critical concepts for team performance
    • Cover and move
    • Simplicity
    • Prioritize and execute
    • Decentralization
  • Sustaining victory

Write a 3,000-word paper setting forth your vision of senior chaplain leadership, synthesizing and applying the materials and assignments of this course to articulate how you can improve your leadership understanding, approach, and style for positive results within your own chaplain operation, and more widely in the organization in which you operate.


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