Education homework help

Education homework help.

As a group project, we are opening a fast food company burger bites. It is market research assignment.
We prepared customer survey for this company which is in attachment.(IMPORTANT)
It is 3 pages APA style assignment. I need this assignment in 48 hours.
You should not write introduction and conclusion for this assignment. We need to write this assignment as three parts. (IMPORTANT)
We got 50 responses for this survey
***Based on this survey and responses, we need to make these 3 analysis. You should do this assignment (3 parts).
1- Statement of Objectives (First Part)
Topic: Final set of 3 Research Problems AND/or hypothesis with rationale. Three research problems for survey. (Please check attachment)
Topics: Research Design Selected with rationale (ie: exploratory, descriptive, causal, or combination)
●Primary Research Methodology (Quantitative and Qualitative Methods discussed)
●Final Sampling Plan Approach taken for Quantitative Study (collection method, sampling procedures, analysistechniques, etc.)
●Survey respondent profile outlined, sampling frame, type of sample, size of sample, response rate, etc.
●Survey design, set-up, types of questions, or any logic, etc.
3- LIMITATIONS(Third Part)
Topics: Unique challenges faced when completing research as planned
●Anticipated versus Unanticipated
●Specific impact on results reviewed
You should write these three parts in 3 pages.
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Education homework help


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